The Red Barn Photography | Newborn Session Information

It is an incredible honor for me to photograph your newborn!  I believe newborn photography should be pure + simple + natural.  I don’t follow the latest trends.  Styles come & go – my goal is to provide you with truly timeless images.  Therefore, I photograph on a white/neutral background with a soft color palette, keeping the focus on the beauty of your newborn.

Here are a few details to remember for your newborn session:

  • Newborn sessions take place at my natural light studio in Canby.  The studio will be heated to 85 degrees for your newborn baby’s comfort.
  • Sessions generally take place within 6-12 days after birth.  Please consider contacting me & tentatively booking your newborn session before your baby arrives.  If your baby is older than the 6-12 day window that is perfectly okay.  We can still capture beautiful photos, we just might not have an extra sleepy newborn.
  • Please feed your little one immediately before arrival, so we can be assured a full belly before we begin.
  • I have a collection of blankets/wraps in the studio.  I prefer a natural/classic look in my newborn photography, focusing on the baby & simple textures/textiles.  Please feel free to bring any special blankets, headbands, or accessories.  I will do my best to incorporate them into your session.
  • Newborn sessions generally last 2-3 hours.  Feel free to bring a book (or take a nap!) while I photograph your little one.

All this being said, newborns are perfectly & wonderfully unpredictable!   I will follow their lead & work on their schedule to capture timeless photos of your little one!