When you consider clothing choices for you/your family, also think about the location(s) we’ve selected to take your photos.  What style is YOU?  Bold?  Causal?  Sophisticated?  Vintage?  Is there a “phase” your child is in right now (superheroes, princesses, pirates, etc.) that you’d like to incorporate in their mini session?   I’d be happy to work with you to achieve the right look for your photos!

Take a look at my Pinterest board titled, ‘What to Wear?’ for some color palette & fashion inspiration.

Some general rules to follow:

  • Coordinate, but don’t match (choose a color palette)
  • Accessorize – Details make all the difference!  Scarves, jewelry, tights, hair bows, hats……..any little accent you can think of can tie an outfit together & give your photo some extra pop!
  • Layers & Texture – Adding a vest, blazer, or scarf also gives you the option of removing during your shoot for a completely different feel.
  • Subtle, coordinating props – I want your images to be timeless & not ‘proppy’.  However, adding a special board book, quilt, or stuffed animal can add a personal touch to your images & create a treasured memory for years to come.  The prop should make sense & coordinate with the theme of the shoot.
  • Don’t forget shoes! – Often shoes take a backseat or are an afterthought in the planning process, but shoes can make or break an outfit.  Please no sneakers unless it’s a cool pair retro of converse/vans that compliment your outfit.  Shoes should be viewed as another accessory in completing the outfit.
  • Make sure your wardrobe complements your location in both style & color.

The goal is to have the colors, textures, & patterns complement each other, without being identical.  Please avoid logos/large graphics on t-shirts.



I love barns (surprise!), open fields, grassy pastures, long gravel roads, fallen leaves, bridges, sandy beaches, urban funk…… love of locations changes with each season.    I’m here to capture you being you!  If you have a location in mind – perfect!  If not, lets work together to find the best location for YOU to compliment your shoot.