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Portland Family Portrait Photographer ~ Fall Family Mini Sessions!

All Christmas cards have been sent, so I can finally share images from my Fall Family mini sessions – yay!!!!  I held fall family minis for the first time ever back in October.  A big thank you to each family who participated!  All time slots were filled, everyone arrived on time, the sun was out (or at least it wasn’t raining!), & the day ran completely smoothly!  I learned 2 very important things:  (1)  I’m horrible at narrowing down my selections.  Okay, I already knew that about myself, but it was confirmed.  (2)  I’m able to capture a lot in a quick 15 minutes!  This is an especially attractive option for families with older children.  I will definitely hold family minis again next year.  Look for updates on my Facebook page & here on the blog for Holiday Family Minis next year!

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